Asian Cultural Co-operation Forum (2006)
“Asian Arts, Culture and Modernity”
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Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR
Ms Au Wai Lin (Project Editor and Partner)

First launched in 2003, the Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum (ACCF) has established its reputation as one of the flagship cultural events of the region. The value of the Forum lies in the annual opportunity it provides for the sharing of ideas among cultural policy-makers, scholars and creative entrepreneurs of economies in Asia.

The Centre for Translation was invited by Ms Au Wai Lin to work together on a project to prepare bilingual texts for publication from the English transcripts of the open forum session of the Forum 2006 which centered round the theme “Asian Arts, Culture and Modernity”. The Centre oversaw the translation of the edited English transcripts into Chinese.

Graduates and undergraduate students were lined up to form a team of translators. A total of 10 sessions of the open forum, with a total of 135,555 words, were translated into Chinese in two months. The publication was published in March 2007.

Chief Editor and Project Co-ordinator:
Esther H.S. Kwok

Dr Tan Zaixi
Dr John T.P. Lai
Karl K.C. Tang
Alvin T.S. Leung
Wu Bun
Queenie H.Y. Kung

Dr Jack C.Y. Shu
Lily Ho
Iris W.Y. Tsang
Violet S.M. Sze
Undergraduate students of the Translation Programme