Translation for the Artgallery Project
at Au Shue Hung Memorial Library
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Translation for the Artgallery Project at Au Shue Hung Memorial Library

Au Shue Hung Memorial Library, Hong Kong Baptist University

On October 5 2004, a ceremony was held in the library to mark the expansion of the Au Shue Hung Memorial Library in Hong Kong Baptist University. The Centre for Translation is delighted to add a bilingual touch to this exciting occasion by providing English translations for two of the newly installed design features – the 19-metre high Artgallery and the exhibition of the portraits of 36 illustrious littérateurs of modern China.

Professor Jane Lai, founding director of the Centre, has translated into English the signature calligraphs of some of the 36 Chinese writers on display. The translation, which accompanies the impressive visual composition, helps non-native speakers of Chinese to appreciate the profundity of the texts composing the artwork. Alvin Leung, a graduate of our Translation Programme who worked in the Centre as a research assistant, translated the biography of each of the writers from their Chinese original into English. The bilingual biographies are now displayed under each portrait to give a brief introduction to the life and works of the writer. William Che, also a graduate of the Programme, was the editor for the biographies. Agnes Loie was the consultant editor.

The Artgallery ( biographies (, in bilingual form, are also available for browsing online at the Library homepage.