An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica in Hong Kong | | |

School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University and Eu Yan Sang

Every effort must be made to ensure that translations of Chinese Medical texts – an important vehicle for the dissemination of Chinese medicine to the western world – meet the expectations and demands of the international community for quality and standard.”
Martha P. Y. Cheung, Editor in Chief for
 An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica in Hong Kong

In April 2003, the Centre for Translation was commissioned by the School of Chinese Medicine (SCM) of the Hong Kong Baptist University to produce an English edition of An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica in Hong Kong from the Chinese manuscript “香港中藥材圖鑑" which includes more than 500 types of Chinese Medicine and a 20-page introduction of the history of the Chinese Medicine business in Hong Kong. The Centre rose to the challenge, seeing that there is a lack of quality English translations of Chinese medicine reference material. Thus began a year-long translation project that is to set a new standard for the identification and nomenclature of Chinese materia medica in the western world.

It is a task of great significance. The collaboration between the professional team of translators from the Centre and the Chinese medicine specialists from the SCM is an unprecedented coming-together of scholars across the boundaries of the academia. The “twin-appeal” strategy used in translation is aimed at producing a work that caters to both professionals and the laymen. The dictionary, in its completed form, represents an invaluable source of reference easily accessible to both the western world and the Chinese Medicine industry here in Hong Kong. It clears up many of the confusing nomenclature and technical jargons which, to this day, remains a hurdle to the globalization and professionalization of Chinese medicine practices.