Hong Kong Government House 1997 – 2005 | | |

University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU

The Government House was built in 1855 and was the official residence of the past Hong Kong governors. With the return of Hong Kong’s sovereignty to China, it became a major venue for government’s official functions and for community activities. It was also a place where the first Chief Executive received foreign heads of states and senior officials, and members of the Hong Kong community.

Professor Jane Lai, Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Translation, was invited to oversee the English translation of the 《香港禮賓府:1997 – 2005》for publication. Under the supervision of Professor Lai, the Centre translated the Chinese text of the book into English. The bilingual book was published in 2005.

There are eight chapters and 260 pictures, covering its history, functions, facilities, staff, guests, visitors, events and banquets.

Professor Jane Lai
Alvin Leung (Graduate of the Translation Programme)