Hong Kong International Poetry Festival:
Poetry and Translation
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Hong Kong International Poetry Festival: Poetry and Translation

The Hong Kong Arts Centre

The Hong Kong International Poetry Festival was held from January 11 to 17, 1997. The Festival invited world renowned poets to meet local poets; and activities such as poetry reading sessions, educational courses, multi-media performances, and seminars were organized by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. The Festival emphasized the value of cultural exchange. Local poets were paired with visiting poets from different parts of the world to generate exchange and mutual observation. It was an important and meaningful "poetic encounter" for Hong Kong at the turning point of history.

Upon invitation, the Centre for Translation accepted the task of making available translations of works in a bilingual text for use in the Festival and of preparing a bilingual collection of poems - A Collection of Poems: Hong Kong in the Decimal System and HK1997.

In cooperation with the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, the Centre for Translation hosted the event "Poetry and Translation" (workshop and a seminar) on January 15, 1997. Poets and translators presented their views on poetry and translation, and fruitful discussions were held.