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Arts Faculty, Hong Kong Baptist University

In December 2004, the Arts Faculty of the Hong Kong Baptist University launched the “International Writers Workshop” as part of an on-going series of programmes in the University to foster a strong culture of arts and creativity among its staff and students. Bringing together poets and fiction writers of both Chinese and English, and from across the continents the International Writers Workshop (hereafter called IWW) provides an excellent opportunity for students and staff of the University to interact with, and learn from these visiting litterateurs on campus.

The Centre for Translation of Hong Kong Baptist University is proud to play an important role in this annual event. With the help of experienced literary translators, a number of whom are graduates of our own Translation Programme, the Centre has taken up the task of translating – from Chinese into English and vice versa – selected pieces of poetry and fiction which the writers themselves deem representative of their literary achievement. These shall then be published in a featured collection of works. The Centre hopes that the translations will facilitate interchange between the writers and allow readers from different backgrounds to gain a taste of literature which would otherwise remain inaccessible to them.

Editor of Translation:  
(2011) Dr Wayne Liang
(2010) Dr Robert Neather
(2009) Dr Yau Wai-ping
(2008) Dr Ester Leung, Dr Jessica Yeung, and Dr Robert Neather
(2007) Dr John Lai
(2006) Dr Jessica Yeung
(2005) Dr Tan Zaixi
(2004) Professor Martha Cheung

(2011) Chu Yao-Ting, Law Shuk Yee, Li Difan, Lin Min, Lo Shu Ping, Liu Jixiang, Liu Yen-Wei, Tse Chun Hin, Wang Mingyu, Wei Hsin-Ning, Wong Kin Ning Colin, Professor Jane Lai
(2010) Jacky Chau, Shirley Poon, Luby Chow, Jiang Hong, Wang Xiaoying, Liang Zhifang, Xin Guangqin, Lu Zhiguo, Professor Jane Lai
(2009) Queenie Kung, Heidi Chun, Wang Xiaoying, Liang Zhifang, Lu Zhiguo, Jeff Bent, Gloria Lee, Professor Jane Lai
(2008) Heidi Chun, Jacky Chau, Eddie Fong, Shao Lu, Alvin Leung, Liang Zhifang, Wang Xiaoying, (2007) Teresa Chu, Daisy Ng, Shao Lu, Alvin Leung, Dr Simon Chau, Professor Jane Lai
(2006) Heidi Chun, Dr Mike Ingham, Professor Jane Lai, Dr Eliza Lau, Alvin Leung, Shao Lu, Shao Yi, Violet Sze, Dr Jessica Yeung, Professor Zhang Xu
(2005) Professor Jane Lai, Shao Lu, Shao Yi, Wang Hui, Xie Minna, Zhang Xu
(2004) Professor Jane Lai, Jack Shu, Professor Martha Cheung , Dr Yau Wai Ping, Nuo Min, Alvin Leung, Zhang Xu, Wang Hui, Fiona Foo Tze Wai, May Lai Wing Mi, Lam Wing Yin, Poon Lai Lok, Ni Xiuhua, Professor Jane Lai

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