Mediterranean Arts Festival:
Chinese Surtitles for Arlecchino and Prometheus Bound
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Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR

The Centre was commissioned by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR, to provide Chinese surtitles for Arlecchino (Servant of Two Masters), an Italian Commedia dell’Arte, and Prometheus Bound, an ancient Greek tragedy.

The thematic arts festival organized by Festivals Office is held every autumn with a different theme set for each year. The theme of the World’s Cultures Festival series of 2007 is the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean region has always been exotic and mysterious. With the Mediterranean Sea connecting as well as separating the different countries surrounding it, a rich cultural exchange is brought about. The Mediterranean Arts Festival will introduce the audience to the leading artists from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and North Africa in an enchanting showcase of music, dance and drama.

Dr Jessica Yeung, Associate Director of the Centre, supervised the translation project. Under her supervision, two translation students finished the draft of the Chinese surtitles which were then polished and revised by Dr Yeung. The Chinese surtitles of both dramas were thought highly of by the audience, including Professor Leo Lee (Ming Pao, 31 October 2007, D4 Page and Ming Pao, 14 November 2007, D4 Page), and local theatre critics such as Mr Kevin Kwong (“Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound”, South China Morning Post, Life City6, 6 November 2007), Mr Willian Chan (
(in Chinese)), and 李奧 (
(in Chinese)).

Editor and Project Supervisor:
Dr Jessica Yeung

Daisy Ng (Graduate of Translation Programme)
Heidi Chun (Undergraduate student of Translation Programme)

For more information on the two dramas, please visit

Arlecchino (Servant of Two Masters)

Prometheus Bound