Chinese translation of Oxford Children's Encyclopedia
(Revised edition,
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The Oxford University Press (Hong Kong)

The translation project was commissioned by the Oxford University Press (China). The original English edition of the encyclopedia is a worldwide bestseller, with 2,082 entries in a set of nine volumes.

The project, which represents 18 months hard work by about 80 translation students, was the largest translation project ever carried out by students in Hong Kong. With Professor Martha Cheung as editor-in-chief leading a team of a couple of translation teaching staff, 5 full time placement students, graduate research assistants, scholars from outside, and the part-time and occasional contribution from current students and graduates, the project involved a great deal of research and turned out to be a most interesting teaching-learning exercise with a long term effect on the students involved in the project. It provided the perfect paradigm for translation teaching, with students profiting from valuable hands-on experience and publishing opportunities.
A book launch reception was jointly held by the Centre for Translation and the Oxford University Press (China) Ltd. in July 1998.

The Chinese translation of the Encyclopedia was published simultaneous in Taiwan, Hong Kong (in orthodox Chinese characters) and the Mainland of China (in simplified characters). The first print run was 16,000.