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The Robert N.H. Ho Family Foundation

The book series "We All Live in a Forbidden City" aims to introduce traditional Chinese culture to young people, parents and teachers to explore Chinese culture and history. Launched in September 2010, the publications take different themes from the Forbidden City, ranging from architectural structure to imperial life, to present traditional Chinese culture in a fun and engaging approach.

The Centre for Translation was invited by the foundation to prepare English translation of seven books (a total of ten publications) in the series. The foundation hopes to bring the series to the west. More information of the series can be found at

Graduates were lined up to form a team of translators.

Book Titles Translated:

  • Let’s Build the Front Court Together

  •  Let’s Look Around in the Imperial Home

  • Chinese Architecture: A Suite Inspired by Nature

  • How are you, Mr. Emperor?

  • I Look Around in the Palace Museum

  • In the Forbidden City

  • The Blessed Bowls

Project Consultant:
Professor Martha P.Y. Cheung

English Editor:
Alvin Leung

Wong Kin Ning Colin
Wang Mingyu