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Before commissioning a translation project, it might be helpful for you to think about a few questions first…

What are the materials needed to be translated? Gather all the elements that make up the complete translation project and then keep them handy. Making up a list takes only a few minutes but will save you much more time in the future.

- Why?
Why do you need a translation? Is it intended to sell? To teach? To persuade? Your objectives would help us to define the style of the translation.

Whom do you want to reach? Understanding your target audience can help us to tailor-make the best strategy.

When do you need it? A realistic and cost-effective translation schedule can save you the rush of meeting tight deadlines.

Choosing the right consultancy service is crucial to the success of a project. Competence, efficiency and reliability are the qualities you should look for.

- How much?
Quality or cost? At this crossroads many people would choose cost. But the quality of your message actually determines people’s impression of you. A reasonable and realistic translation budget may help you to achieve more.

- How long?
Depending on the nature of the task, it may take hours or weeks to get a translation right. If it took you several days to complete a document, you should expect a translator to invest that much time to accomplish the same meticulousness and quality.

Good Practices for Better Service

Following these tips will help keep your project on track and avoid rush rates.