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Ink Dances in Limbo - Gao Xinjian's Writing as Cultural Translation

An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation. Volume 1: From Earliest Times to the Buddhist Project

Jane Lai Drama Translation Series
Project background (available in Chinese only for the moment)
Play Reading of Script Excerpts by Professor Jane C.C. Lai
HKADC Reviewer's Comments on this Publication Project (available in Chinese only)

Dictionary of Translation Studies

A Short History of Translation in the West

Travelling with a Bitter Melon - Selected Poems (1973-1998) of Leung Ping-kwan

Chinese translation of Oxford Children's Encyclopedia

Hong Kong Collage: Contemporary Stories and Writings

100 Excerpts from Zen Buddhist Texts

An Oxford Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama

The Hong Kong Baptist University Centre for Translation Series

William Faulkner in China - Selected Conference Papers