An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation. Volume 1: From Earliest Times to the Buddhist Project

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The first of a two-volume anthology edited by Professor Martha Cheung. This anthology comprises of texts – mostly in classical Chinese – representing the thinking of translators about translation through the ages from earliest times to the Buddhist project in the twelfth century have been selected and translated into English. Most of the texts have never been translated into English. The anthology is provided with annotations, commentaries, headnotes, biographical notes, a bibliography and an introduction with the aim to provide a major non-western perspective with which to look at translation, promote research work on translation across the East-West divide, and facilitate dialogue on translation theory today.

Book Details
Editor: Martha P.Y. Cheung (edited with commentary and translation in part)
Pages: xxix+268pp
Year of Publication: 2006
Publisher: St. Jerome Publishing (Manchester)
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