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Play Reading of script excerpts selected in "On Drama Translation - An interview of Professor Jane Lai by Professor Martha Cheung"

Below are nine video clips of selected examples quoted from the series and read by Professor Jane Lai. Some of them are taken from the Lecture "Translation On and Off Stage" by Professor Jane Lai which was held at the kick-off ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of the Centre on 4th November 2004.

The videos below aim to show what is the effect of rhythm, choice of words etc in drama translation.

(Note: Broadband connection is required for watching the videos)

King Lear Example 1 (Video 1)

King Lear Example 2 (Video 2)

King Lear Example 3 (Video 3)

King Lear Example 4 (Video 4)

Long Day's Journey Into Night Example 1(Video 5)

Long Day's Journey Into Night Example 2 (Video 6)

The Zoo Story Example 1 (Video 7)

The Zoo Story Example 2 (Video 8)

The Zoo Story Example 3 (Video 9)