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Ni Xiuhua (PhD, 2012) is Lecturer at School of Foreign Language, Guangzhou University. Her research interests include literary translation, translation of Chinese literature and translation theories. She has published more than 10 papers on literary translation and translation of Chinese literature in Chinese Translator’s Journal, Foreign Languages and Translation, Comparative Literature in China, etc.

Wang Xiaoying (PhD, 2010) is Lecturer at the School of Foreign Languages, South China Normal University. She teaches translation theories, literary translation, and non-literary translation at a M.A. level. Her research interests include the disciplinary nature of translation studies, feminist translation studies, and gender and translation. Her latest publications include:

  1. "Eileen Chang’s Translation: A Polysystemic Perspective". Chinese Translator’s Journal. 2008(5): 25-29.
  2. "Eileen Chang's Chinese-English Self-Translation: A Postcolonial Perspective". Foreign Language and Literature. 2009(2): 123-129.
  3. "Re-reading the Category of 'Chinese Discourse on Translation': A Prototypical Perspective". Foreign Languages and Translation. 2009(3): 20-23.
  4. "Connotation and Issues on 'Diaspora' in Current Translation Studies". Shanghai Translator’s Journal. 2011(1): 12-16.

Shao Lu (PhD, 2008) is Associate Professor of the School of Foreign Languages of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Associate Executive Editor of Translation Quarterly. She obtained her PhD in Translation Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2008 and was Postdoctoral Fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 2009-2011. Her research interests are in literary translation, fuzzy language in literature and translation, and narratology and the stylistics of fiction. She is the author of 1 monograph (Fuzzy Language in Literature and Translation, Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2011), more than 40 papers, including 9 published in international journals, 4 of them in A&HCI-listed journals, 18 in CSSCI-listed journals and 12 in other core Foreign Language and Translation Studies journals in China. She has also published translations in newspapers and journals in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She is winner of various important prizes such as : First Prize of the Contemporary Education Forum sponsored by the People's Daily Publishing House (2003), Third Prize of the First SISU "Language-Bridge Cup" English-Chinese Translation Competition Award (2004), SISU Scientific and Academic Creativity Award (2005) and Research Postgraduate Student Incentive Award of the Arts Faculty, HKBU (awarded twice: 2007; 2008), First Prize of the Outstanding Performance Award in Scholarly Work by Sichuan Translators Association (2010) and Outstanding Young Scholar Award by the Human Resources Bureau of Sichuan Province (2011).

Shao Yi (PhD, 2008) is presently Associate Professor at the School of English Language and Literature of Shanghai International Studies University. She is the recipient of three funded research projects at different levels and has been awarded twice for excellent research work by Shanghai International Studies University. Her recent publications include three monographs and nearly twenty papers.

Wang Hui (PhD, 2007) is now Professor of English Language and Literature at the School of Foreign Languages of the Shenzhen University in Shenzhen. His main research interests lie in missionary sinology, translation in late Qing China, and the history of English translation of the Confucian Classics. He has been granted the prestigious National Social Science Fund to conduct individual research on a commentary of the history of the English translation of the Chinese Classics. His research on English translations of Confucian Classics of protestant missionaries is also endorsed by the Guangdong Province Social Science Fund. He has published a monograph (Translating Chinese Classics in a Colonial Context, Bern: Peter Lang, 2008) and 20 articles in these fields.

Zhang Xu (PhD, 2006) is now Professor of the School of Foreign Languages at Hunan Normal University, Changsha. He was Professor of the School of Foreign Languages at the Central South University in Hunan and has been granted one National Social Science Fund and has been granted/ participated in a more than 10 researches with funding granted at provincial level or above. His major research outputs include 6 books and a few dozens of academic papers in journals published on the Mainland, in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. He was awarded the Hong Kong Translation Society Lion & Globe Educational Trust Translation Research Scholarship in 2007.

Mu Lei (PhD, 2004) is now Professor of the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou. She has been granted a number of funds at both the national and provincial level, including the prestigious National Social Science Fund, to conduct research in the field. She published widely and played an active role in promoting translation studies in China. She is now holding a number of important positions in translation associations and editorial committee of journals in China.

Hu Gengshen (PhD, 2003) is now Invited Professor at the School of Languages and Translation at Macao Polytechnic Institute and Professor at Department of Foreign Languages of the Tsinghua University in Beijing. He has been playing a vital role in the organization of the Cross-Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication, an biennial event, since the first one held in 2005.

Yau Wai-ping (PhD, 2002) is now Assistant Professor of the Translation Programme, English Department, Hong Kong Baptist University. He is also the Programme Director of the M.A. Programme in Translation and Bilingual Communication.

Wong Kim-fan, (PhD, 2001) has been part-time lecturer in translation and general studies of the Department of Translation and the Office of University General Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong, and the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Nuo Min (MPhil, 2001) is now teaching at the Language Centre of the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong.

Che William (MPhil, 2000) is now teaching translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College while finalizing his PhD thesis to be submitted to the Australian National University. He taught translation at the Open University of Hong Kong before commencing his PhD studies in Australia.

Zhang Meifang (PhD, 1999) is now full Professor of the English Department of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, the University of Macau. She is coordinator of MA in Translation Studies and subject leader of translation in the English Department. Meifang received her undergraduate and postgraduate education in the English Department at Sun Yat-sen University, China, and gained her PhD degree at Hong Kong Baptist University. She was lecturer (1985 to 1991), associate professor (1992-2000), full professor and head of the English Department of Sun Yat-sen University (2001-2003). Meifang is Vice President of the Macau Federation of Translators and Interpreters, and a council member of the Chinese Translators’ Association. She is also a life member of the Hong Kong Translators’ Society, and a member of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies. She is a member on the Specialist Committee of Foreign Language Education Press and of Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press for the publication of the Translation Studies Series. She also serves on the editorial board of the Chinese Translators’ Journal and for several other refereed journals.