Postgraduate Students Conference on "Translation, Culture and Ideology" | | |

Date: November 23-25, 1998

In view of the fact that Hong Kong had a significant growth in the number of postgraduates in the field of translation during the end of the 1990s, the Centre for Translation organized the Postgraduate Students Conference on "Translation, Culture and Ideology" in 1998 to bring these postgraduates together and to promote interaction between them. First of its kind in the translation academic field in Hong Kong, the conference provided local postgraduate students with valuable exposure and an opportunity not only to exchange their views but also to benefit from the comments of local teaching staff who attended the conference. In particular, the students gained tremendously from the incisive remarks of the guest speaker, Professor Lawrence Venuti, an eminent scholar in the discipline. Nearly a dozen of local postgraduates from local universities presented their research findings at this three-day conference. An opening speech was delivered by Professor Jane Lai, the then Dean of Arts Faculty and Director of Centre for Translation, HKBU. It was then followed by a lecture by Professor Lawrence Venuti. Individual or group consultation by Professor Venuti was arranged on November 25, 1998 afternoon for researchers and prospective students of Translation Studies.

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Professor Lawrence Venuti
Professor of English, Temple University, Philadelphia

Seminar: Ideology in Chinese Translation: From the Late Qing Dynasty to the May Fourth Era
Date: November 23, 1998, 10:30a.m.
Venue: Rm 802, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus, HKBU