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  1. I have got a BA in TESL, have done some free-lance translation work every now and then. Will I be qualified for the MA programme.
    Basically yes, as long as it is a BA degree in a related subject. But you are strongly advised to look up the detail information from Admission Requirement.

  2. I am interested in the practical as well as the research subjects. Can I choose from both streams?
    Yes, of course, as long as the time-tabling of the subjects does not clash.

  3. I have received a BA degree in Chinese Language from XX university of China. Can I apply?
    Yes, for the full-time mode, but not for the part-time mode at the moment (because of the visa-entrance requirement).

  4. I am a PRC citizen, do I need to apply for a student visa to come to study in H.K.?
    Yes, you do. But please check Postgraduate Prospectus for information.