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Award Title:
BA (Hons) in Translation

Number of units required for Major: 60
Number of units required for the Award: 128

Curriculum Structure:

Major 60 units
         Major Required Courses 39 units
         Major Elective Courses 15 units
         Honours Project 6 units
General Education 38 units
Electives 30 units
Total 128 units

In the four-year curriculum, students in TRAN will take the following core courses:

TRAN 2005 Principles and Methods of Translation
TRAN 2006 Linguistics for Translators
TRAN 2008 Practical Translation I
TRAN 2009 Practical Translation II
TRAN 3005 English for Translators I: Grammar, Structure and Style
TRAN 3006 Interpreting I
TRAN 3007 Culture and Translation
TRAN 3016 Professional Studies
TRAN 3025 Interpreting II
TRAN 4005 Theories and Philosophies I
TRAN 4006 Theories and Philosophies II
TRAN 4007 Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation
TRAN 4037 Translation and Intercultural Studies
TRAN 4898-9 Honours Project

In the four-year curriculum, students in TRAN will take the following major elective courses:

TRAN 2007 Research Methods for Translation Studies
TRAN 2015 Communication and Translation
TRAN 2016 English for Translators II: Written Genres
TRAN 2017 Reading Chinese Literature in Translation
TRAN 2025 Translating Across Media
TRAN 2026 Contrastive Languages Studies: English and Chinese
TRAN 3015 Practical Translation III
TRAN 3017 Drama Translation
TRAN 3026 Media Translation
TRAN 4015 Gender and Translation
TRAN 4016-7 Interpreting III and IV
TRAN 4025 Legal and Government
TRAN 4026 Literary Translation
TRAN 4027 Special Topics in Translation
TRAN 4035 Translation of Scientific and Technological Texts
TRAN 4036 Translation, Publishing and Global Circulation
TRAN 4045 Intersemiotic Translation, Adaptation and Intertextuality

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