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The Honours Project, done in the final year, is an independent research and translation project and can be regarded as the culmination of the Programme. Project tasks will be selected in such a way that they bring together the knowledge and skills acquired by students up to that point in their educational and professional development. Students may choose to produce an extended piece of translation, with accompanying critical introduction, or alternatively may opt to write a dissertation on a research topic of their choice in the fields of translation, interpreting or intercultural studies.

In the case of the extended translation, the text to be translated will be either English into Chinese or Chinese into English, generally between 10,000 and 12,000 words/characters in the source language. Along with the translation, students submit an introductory essay which will give the rationale for the selection of the text for translation, and provide an analysis of the source text as well as a discussion of the problems encountered during the process of translating, and the approaches and strategies used for handling these problems. The length of the essay is approximately 3,000 words/characters.

Close supervision is provided to each project, and it takes the form of discussion and line-editing of parts of the work. Supervisors monitor the progress of all project work as it is being performed on a regular basis.

Assessment Scheme
The Honours Project constitutes a very significant part of the Translation Programme (20% of the Honours classification). Students are expected to engage themselves in a single, 9-10 month long, independent research and translating activity and to spend about 6-9 hours each week on the Project throughout the period.

  • Each Honours Project will be assessed by the Supervisor and an internal Second Examiner. The Project must be acceptable to both examiners.
  • The Supervisor monitors the progress of the student's project on a regular basis and the Supervisor is strictly responsible for the "process" assessment.
  • Assessment from the Supervisor and the Second Examiner will carry equal weight on the “product”.
  • The assessment will be based on the following:
    1. Process (20%)
    2. Product (80%)
  • The criteria of assessment are as follows:
    1. Continuous progress
    2. Quality of translation
    3. Approach and argument
    4. Communication skills
    5. Bibliographic thoroughness

For Honours Project topics supervised in the past years, please refer to http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/library/electronic/libdbs/honproj.html.