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Staff and Students

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Staff of the Translation Programme and members of the Programme Advisory Committee (2004/05)

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Awards and Community Service

Mr Pilot Tse Pat Lok (right, third year student) with other HSBC Scholarship awardees from HKBU and Mr Vincent Cheng (sixth from the left), the chairman of the HSBC, at the scholarship presentation ceremony in 2008.

Mr Pilot Tse Pat Lok (front row, middle), third year Translation student, was appointed as Hong Kong Young Ambassadors in 2008 and won recognition for his outstanding performance in the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme.

Miss Heidi Chun (front row, right), fourth year translation student and recipient of the HSBC Overseas Scholarship 2007, participated in the Young Ambassador Scheme 2007 to promote tourism in and help visitors to HK. Photo taken with other Young Ambassadors of 2007 touring on one of the Star Ferry cruises (2008.07.27).

Miss Crystal Kwok (back row, middle), graduate of 2006, won the SkyLeaders Scholarship, awarded by the Airport Authority, in 2006.

Miss Gladys Tang, graduate of 1997, was awarded British Chevening Scholarship to the University of Oxford in 2006. Photo taken at Durbar Court, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London when she attended a Chevening reception.

Miss Daisy Ng Ka Wing (back row, second from the right), second year translation student, with other outstanding “Global Citizens” and the officiating guests of the Ceremony in 2005.

Miss Phebe Loo (back row, 2nd from the right, second year translation student), with undergraduates of other local universities, representing Hong Kong on the delegation of Harvard National Model United Nation 2004

Miss Viola Chan (left, second year translation student), on the delegation of Harvard National Model United Nation 2005

Miss Cheung Hoi Sin, Zoe (right, first year student) received Barbara Costin Arts Faculty Prize from the then Dean of Arts Faculty, Professor Jane Lai in 2001

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Publications by staff and students

Launching ceremony of the publication of the Oxford Children's Encyclopedia in 1998

Publications by staff and students: Chinese translation of Oxford Children's Encyclopedia (9 volumes, Revised edition, 1996), Save the Earth (1991), A Vision of a Better World (1993).

An Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica in Hong Kong, a Chinese-English translation project completed by staff and students in 2004

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Tsinghua University Study Trips

Tsinghua Study Tour 2005

Tsinghua Study Tour 2002

Tsinghua Study Tour 2001

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Other Extra-curricular Activities

Fundraising Walkathon 2003

Fundraising Walkathon 2003

Alumni at Fundraising Walkathon 2003

Fundraising Dinner 2003

Mentors and Mentees on a book-hunting trip

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