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Apart from a wide range of scholarships/awards open to all students in the University on the basis of academic merit and other criteria set by the donors, two are bestowed exclusively to students in the Translation Programme:

Prof Jane Lai Prize

Donated by a group of staff members in honour of Prof Jane Lai, Emeritus Professor of Hong Kong Baptist University, the prize provides an annual sum of $2,000 to a Translation student who produces the best Honours Project.

Prize Recipients:  
(2015/16) Miss Mary Lam Ching In and Miss Zita Leung Yuen Shan
(2014/15) Mr Colman Tse
(2013/14) Miss Zhang Xi
(2012/13) Mr Mak Tsz Yeung
(2011/12) Miss Rita Cheung Ka Yue
(2010/11) Mr Samuel Tang Kam Hei
(2009/10) Miss Lam Yin Yuk
(2008/09) Miss Lau Ka Man
(2007/08) Miss Vicky Siu Chui Han
(2006/07) Miss Phebe Loo Huey Pey
(2005/06) Miss Violet Sze Siu Mui

Miss Vicky Siu Chui Han (graduate of 2006), recipient of Prof Jane Lai Prize in 2007/08.


Hong Kong Translation Society F.C. Lo Scholarship

The Hong Kong Translation Society has donated one scholarship in the amount of HK$5,000 to a final year student in Translation who has achieved outstanding academic results in the previous year of study.

Scholarship Recipients:
(2014/15) Miss Lam Ching In Mary
(2013/14) Miss Xie Bingquan
(2012/13) Miss Zhang Yaqi
(2011/12) Mr Xin Ge
(2010/11) Mr Pilot Tse Pat Lok

Translation student Andrea Wu (left), recipient of Hong Kong Translation Society Chen Hsong Group Scholarship 2006/07, and other Hong Kong students with Chinese Foreign Minister Mr. Li Zhaoxing (middle) at a function in Beijing in 2006.

Hong Kong Translation Society Chen Hsong Group Scholarship Recipient Miss Victoria Lam at the ceremony in 2004.

Miss Victoria Lam (right) and Professor Jane Lai, Honorary Professor of the Translation Programme (middle).